About Us

With digital disruption a reality in almost every industry, technology is increasingly embraced by companies and organizations at various levels of their value chain, to help streamline operations and increase productivity. Myanmar is a late comer to the digital economy but that also has its own advantages. With the availability of new technologies, the country can pursue digital leapfrogging and embrace the opportunities that exist in the new digital landscape. We would like to be part of your digital journey.

Our Vision and Mission

OneLink Technologies is passionately dedicated towards realizing its vision of “Enabling People to Lead Digitally Empowered Lives”. We firmly believe that digital commerce will be the foundation of the new economy and all businesses will need to have digitally enabled products and services to remain relevant and thrive in the future.

Our mission is “to create a peerless digital ecosystem that will fulfill the needs of our customers on their digital life journey”. 

Going digital should not be difficult, costly or add more work to existing operations. Our solutions aim to

  • provide end-to-end comprehensive online solutions
  • be price competitive
  • reduce complexity 
  • add operational and financial value
  • allow customers to focus on growing their businesses.