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Our Vision

An online shopping service that brings the world to the shopper.

Our Mission

To become the most user friendly, effective and credible online shopping service that understands and caters to the  needs of the individual shopper

Best Online Shopping Service That Brings The World To The Shopper.

Ever wanted to buy something from overseas but couldn’t because the merchant does not deliver to your Myanmar address? Did you have to rely on friends, family or others to carry your products for you from overseas? Did you have to buy a product not because it was your first choice but because it was the only available one? Good news – now you can but what you want from where you want.

Sharpay Walpay is a leading personal shopping platform in Myanmar which opens the doors of international online shopping platforms for Myanmar citizens. We aim to bring convenience to our customers by product searching, recommendation, and providing hassle free online shopping and shipping services from the designated countries to customer’s doorstep across Myanmar. Sharpay Walpay ensures that the products reach to the customer within schedule timeline and has partnered with international logistics companies to give the best shopping experience to Myanmar citizen.